Kerala woman allegedly electrocuted by husband

Kerala: Husband suspected to have killed wife by inflicting electric shock

Police became suspicious of the death after blood stains were spotted in the house

A 51-year old woman who died in suspicious circumstances in Thiruvananthapuram on Saturday was suspected to be inflicted electric shock by her 28-year old husband.

Sakhakumari of Karakonam in the suburbs of Thiruvananthapuram died in her house on Saturday. Her husband Arun took her to a nearby hospital and stated that she suffered an electric shock. She was dead by that time.

Police became suspicious of the death after bloodstains were spotted in the house. An electric wire was also spotted. There were also contradictions in Arun's statements.

The Vellarada police investigating the case said that Arun was kept in custody. The exact cause of death would be known only after postmortem examination.

Local people said that both of them got married about two months back following a love affair. However, they used to quarrel very frequently. This strengthened the suspicions against Arun.