Kerala woman alleges torture for declining ISIS service

Kerala woman alleges torture for declining ISIS service

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A young woman in Kerala has alleged that she was forced to serve the ISIS as a nurse and was brutally harassed for declining it, suspected to be by a love jihad operative in Hyderabad.

The woman, aged 26, literally broke down while sharing her plight with Kerala State Police Chief, Loknath Behera at an adalat held in Pathanamthitta district on Saturday.

Hailing from Ranni in Pathanamthitta district, the woman also alleged that though she filed a complaint in this regard with the local police in Pathanamthitta earlier, there was no proper investigation. The state police chief is likely to order a high-level probe into the matter.

The incident took place while the woman was working at a hospital in Hyderabad about three years back. A love affair developed between the woman and a staffer at the hospital who hailed from Miryalaguda, now part of Telangana.

The woman was a Hindu and the youth a Muslim. He had converted to Christianity and later reconverted to Islam, said the woman.

They started living together and she became pregnant. The youth forcibly terminated her pregnancy. As she insisted on a formal marriage, he demanded that she should convert to Islam and work at hospitals in ISIS camps so as to earn more salary.

The woman alleged that she was frequently assaulted after she rejected the youth's demands. Later he abandoned her in 2017 and the woman is now staying at Ranni.

Pathanamthitta district police chief J Jaidev told DH that he did not come across the complaint of the girl earlier. Since the woman now directly gave a petition to the state police chief, the state police chief would be issuing further directives on the investigation, he said.

Over the years, scores of youths, including women, from Kerala joined the ISIS and many were also suspected to be involved in terror strikes including the Easter day strike in Sri Lanka. Many youths in Kerala are still under the surveillance of intelligence agencies for suspected links with ISIS operatives.