Mother's love brings back son from verge of death

Mother's love brings back son from verge of death

Gandham Kiran after recovery from his coma

Removed from life-supporting systems and brought back home only to let him die peacefully, an 18-year-old boy came alive after the mother's call pulled him out of a coma.

The incident occurred in Pillalamarri village of Suryapet district in Telangana on Sunday. Hours before the funeral planned by his relatives with a tent in front of the house a flex board paying homage to the young man the boy woke up and is considered safe now by the doctors.

Gandham Kiran, a degree student, was admitted to the government area hospital on 26 June with the complaints of vomiting and severe dysentery. Suspecting hepatitis B the doctors screened him and started treatment. As he was not responding to treatment, he was shifted to Narkatpally hospital, then to Kamareddy hospital and finally to a private hospital here. On July 3, doctors declared his condition hopeless and advised his mother Saidamma who is daily wage earner to let him breathe his last peacefully at home.

Hoping that his son will recover, she hired an ambulance which was equipped with basic life supporting system, the mother brought him home. While the villagers and relatives lost hope and went home to return in the morning in time for the funeral, the mother didn’t leave the bedside of the boy. She kept calling her son every few minutes.

"While moving him from the ambulance to a cot, we found him still taking breath. So we postponed the funeral for the next day," Saidamma recalled. Around midnight, she and a couple of relatives noticed tears rolling on his cheeks. They brought a local private medical practitioner who found that Kiran’s pulse rate is getting stronger. After the doctor stabilized Kiran, he advised Saidamma to rush Kiran to Suryapet area hospital. Doctors there took guidance from experts in Hyderabad and treated him before discharging him.

Saidamma, a widow who lost her husband Upender 14 years ago, has younger son Satish who is also studying in a local college. "Kiran is awake and observing surroundings. It will take some more time for the boy to fully recover," a local doctor treating him said.