NEET case transferred to CB-CID

NEET case transferred to CB-CID

Picture used to represent NEET exam only. DH Photo

Tamil Nadu government on Monday transferred the case of impersonation by a medico, who got admission into a medical college without appearing for NEET exam and counselling, to the CB-CID.

The medico, K V Udit Surya, had allegedly used an impersonator, his namesake, to appear for the exam and counselling, but joined the classes himself. He has been hiding for the past few days and transferring of the case would help speed-up investigation.

The case of impersonation came out in the public after authorities at the Theni Medical College near Madurai found that the photograph pasted in the admission card did not match with the original identity of the student.

Sources said that Udit Surya joined the classes like any other student and was attending college regularly until doubts were raised about his identity.

After the case came to light, Udit Surya stopped attending the classes, submitted a discontinuation letter citing “depression” and has now gone into hiding— his house in North Chennai is locked for the past few days.

He has now been booked for cheating and using forged documents.