NSG, US army conduct joint exercise in Hyderabad

NSG, US army conduct joint exercise in Hyderabad

The exercise is an example of the breadth and depth of the U S-India security partnership

File photo of joint exercises. Photo by US Consulate

The United States military forces from the 1st Battalion and the Indian National Security Guard are conducting a joint exercise in the Hyderabad area which will continue for two weeks.

“The U S-India security partnership is strong, and growing stronger,” said U.S. Consul General Katherine Hadda in Hyderabad. 

“This Special Forces exercise will further advance our two countries' operational coordination, and it will clearly benefit both our nations,” she added.

A statement said that the current exercise will help build interoperability and comradeship between the two forces and is designed to enhance the capabilities of both Indian and the US armed forces.  The training focuses on mutual defence operations, so both nations can more effectively employ forces and assist in the event of crises that may endanger public health and safety.  The exercise is being overseen from the US Embassy in New Delhi and US Special Operations Pacific Command at Camp H M Smith in Hawaii.

This exercise is an example of the breadth and depth of the U S-India security partnership.  Planning for future training in furtherance of the US -India military partnership is ongoing.  These training events are part of US- Indo-Pacific Command’s Theater Security Cooperation Program, conducted by the US military with a select group of nations in the Indo-Pacific region to enhance coordination and capabilities.

The U.S. military works alongside India to increase interoperability, build partner capacity, prevent conflict, and promote regional strength and peace throughout the Indo-Pacific region.  “Training like the Hyderabad exercise is critical to US Special Operations Forces, as soldiers learn how to effectively work with Indian partners in new environments, experience that will be valuable,” the statement said.  The overall aim of the program is to enhance professionalism and the ability to operate together during times of crisis.  

The United States recognises India as a major defence partner, and military collaboration between the two countries is a result of high-level trust and also consistent efforts to broaden the ways in which the United States and India can work together.  Hyderabad has become a hub of US -Indian defence manufacturing including joint-venture facilities, technology centers, and skills-development capacity.