SWR operates special train for evacuation

South Western Railways (SWR) operated a special train to evacuate the flood-affected people. DH Photo

The South Western Railways (SWR) operated a special train in the late night to evacuate the flood-affected people from Hole Alur station go Gadag.

The Deputy Commissioner of Gadag district informed SWR officials that the Mallapur dam was overflowing and nearby places were getting flooded.

People from the area were coming to Holealur station and needed to be transported to Gadag.

"The deputy commissioner will make arrangements at Gadag. For the time being, we are stopping Golgumbaz Express at Hole Alur and transporting maximum people to Gadag," an official said, adding that a DEMU train reached Hole Alur station at 10.30 for evacuation.

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