Telangana on lockdown till March 31: Rules to follow

Telangana on lockdown till March 31: CM lists out rules to follow

Describing the lockdown as in “Sarvajana hitam”, the CM stressed the need of a one-week restraint

City streets wear deserted look during Janta curfew in the wake of deadly coronavirus, in Hyderabad, Sunday, March 22, 2020. (PTI Photo)

Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has announced total lockdown in the state till March 31, with the exception of essential services and commodities.

Describing the lockdown as in “Sarvajana hitam”, Rao stressed the need of a one-week restraint as “to help save lives and act in the best interest of our society and country.” 

At 5 PM on Sunday, the CM along with some of his family members, came out of Pragathi Bhavan, his office cum residence and clapped as a mark of respect for health care, sanitation etc. workers who are working continuously dealing with COVID-19 outbreak.

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“I am thanking everyone in Telangana for making the Janta curfew a huge success. Let us continue with the same spirit,” the CM said addressing a press conference.

Earlier, Rao held a review meeting with senior officials to chalk out the further action plan.

Accordingly, some of the rules that Rao said would be applicable during this week to be notified by his government are -

All public transport, private vehicles are banned on roads and all interstate borders are closed. 

All government employees need not attend office with work managed on 20 per cent rotation.

For milk, groceries etc. essential commodities one person per family is allowed outside.

Not more than five people should assemble anywhere.

The poor, daily wage laborers would be provided one-month ration - White ration card holders would get 12 kgs rice per person and Rs 1500 per family to buy other food items. Over Rs 2400 crore to be allocated for the purpose.

 Private companies are advised to pay their employees for this week. IT etc., sector employees are already operating from homes

 No education related activities including evaluation of exam papers.

 Hospitals are advised to postpone all non-essential surgeries.

 All wine shops would be closed in the state.