Telugu couple found dead in apparent murder-suicide

Telugu couple found dead in apparent murder-suicide

File photo of Srinivas and Shanthi

A Telugu couple was found dead at their Sugar Land home on Monday morning in Telfair of Texas in the USA in an apparent murder-suicide incident.

The police alerted by a 911 call found 51-year-old Nakirekanti Srinivas and his wife Shanthi (46) in a pool of blood in different places of their Telfair residence. While the husband’s body was found in the bedroom, Shanti was laying in the driveway.

Sugar Land city police said that the 16-year-old daughter of the couple told them that her father was in the bedroom and wouldn't come out.” It appears she didn't know what happened and was asleep at the time” a police spokesperson said. Police then found Srinivas's body with a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his chest. Shanthi was shot on her head. Police suspect that Srinivas first shot his wife and then went to the bedroom where he might have committed suicide.

The Telugu couple also has a 21-year old son who is studying at the University of Texas and was not present at the home when the incident occurred. The neighbours heard guns shots and called the police. According to a close relative of the couple, they migrated to the USA 25 years ago. While Srinivas worked for an oil firm Reliant Energy as a director, Shanti worked as a programmer.

While police are investigating the case, a search was also launched in the vicinity for attackers but the police later said that there is no danger to the residents and they were looking for any suspects, confirming the murder-suicide angle.

Local reports inform that Srinivas has sent a mail to his friend at around 5 am and the police have advised that person not to share it with others as it forms an important part of their investigation. The affluent neighbourhood of the deceased was also in a shock as the couple was friendly and was involved in charity work.