The Lead: Journalism amid the coronavirus pandemic

The Lead: Journalism amid the coronavirus pandemic

A vendor of a roadside eatery stall washes his hands in front of a mural representing a frontline warrior of the Covid-19. Credit: AFP Photo

Hi and welcome to the Lead by DH Radio, we discuss the pandemic of 2020 from a journalist's point of view.

Ahmed Shariff: Hi and welcome to another episode of DH Radio. 2020 was marred by the pandemic. We read about and saw the news of the Corona warriors. But, we haven't seen or heard the stories of those bringing you those stories. In today's episode, we are joined by our very own Akhil Kadidal and Suraksha P, both of who have relentlessly been covering the pandemic. Hi, Akhil and Suraksha, welcome to DH Radio.

Akhil Kadidal: Hi, it's good to be on the DH podcast.

Suraksha: Hi, Thank you.

Ahmed: Akhil, my first question to you is: How has the pandemic been to you?

Akhil: It's been very interesting that you asked this question, Ahmed, because you know I have found that I have actually grown a lot as a journalist...

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