The Lead: Memories of Republic Day

The Lead: Memories of Republic Day

Security personnel keep vigil at Rajpath on the eve of 72nd Republic Day, in New Delhi, Monday, Jan. 25, 2021. Credit: PTI Photo

In this episode of The Lead from DH Radio, we share our memories of the Republic Day.

Ahmed Shariff: Hello and welcome to the Lead by DH Radio. Today is the Republic Day of India. This day celebrates the idea of India. If you are in the national Capital you may witness the annual tradition that is the Republic Day parade and elsewhere in the country where almost in every school and every capital, the day being celebrated in almost in a festive fervour. Hi, this is Ahmed Shariff and today I am joined by my colleague L Subramani to talk about our stories of the Republic Day. How we have celebrated over the years, how it has evolved over the years and our ideas of the Republic Day. Hi sir and welcome to DH Radio.

L Subramani: Hi, Ahmed. It's excellent to be in your company once again and wishing you a Happy Republic Day.

Ahmed: Thank you and same to you. I just want to ask you, your memories of Republic Day. Maybe in school or college, can you tell us about that?

Subramani: I belong to a generation where Republic Day parades were witnessed both in black-and-white and colour television...

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