Tigress Avni's male cub doing fine

Tigress Avni's male cub doing fine

File photo of Avni with her cubs

More than two months after tigress Avni was shot,  her male cub is doing fine in the jungles of Pandharkawada in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra.

However, the process of trapping and rescuing it is still underway by the Maharashtra Forest Department (MFD).

Avni, an adult male tigress known as T1 aged between five and six, was shot dead on 2 November, last year, after being dubbed as a man-eater - triggering a big political issue. She was responsible for 13 human deaths in the villages in and around the Pandharkawada ranges.

After her death, the two sub-adult cubs - aged around one year - were a major concern and the MFD had launched a major operation to secure them that is being overseen by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

Both were trapped in cameras and spotted by forest guards.

On 22 December, the female cub was caught and had been sent to a huge enclosure in the Pench Tiger Reserve.

Meanwhile, latest reports from Pandharkawada said that the male cub had hunted and eaten a pony on Thursday. The male cub is fine and healthy.