TMC writes to EC against Khali campaigning for BJP

TMC writes to EC against Khali campaigning for BJP

Dalip Singh Rana

The Trinamool Congress (TMC) has written to the Election Commission (EC) protesting against the participation of wrestler Dalip Singh Rana, popularly known as the Great Khali, in the campaigning of BJP candidate Anupam Hazra.

Hazra is contesting from the Jadavpur Lok Sabha seat in Kolkata. Rana took part in Hazra's campaigning on last Friday. TMC in its letter to the EC has stated that despite being an American citizen Rana took part in a campaign rally for the Lok Sabha elections.

The ruling party in Bengal argued that a foreigner should not be allowed to influence the minds of the Indian electorate.

Singh has earlier said that Hazra is his friend and hence he joined his campaigns. Singh was with Hazra when he went to submit his nomination to Alipore in Kolkata. The wrestler’s presence drew a large crowd.

However, Hazra defended Singh’s participation in his campaign. “Khali is a 100% Indian citizen. Just because sometimes he stays in USA, they (TMC) raise a hue and cry. My friend Khali is a world-famous wrestler and an employee of Haryana Police. He has a voter ID and dual citizenship. Such false campaigns will be futile,” said Hazra.

Earlier BJP complained to EC over the participation of two Bangladeshi actors in TMC's campaigning. Bangladeshi actors Ferdous Ahmed and Abdul Noor were asked by the Home Ministry to leave India after they participated in TMC’s campaign.