TPDDL starts the installation of smart meters

TPDDL starts the installation of smart meters

Aims to cover five lakh consumers in the next two years

The discom is set to install smart meters and also launch a mobile app for consumers to access real-time energy consumption.

In the first phase, two lakh smart meters would be installed in North and North-West Delhi in the next one year. Five lakh meters are planned to be installed in the next two years and in the third phase all 16 lakh consumers are to be covered by 2025, said a spokesperson of Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL).

“Deployment of large-scale smart meters and communication system, for its entire operation area of 510 square km, is a significant step to bring smart grid technology in India," said Sanjay Banga, the chief executive officer of TPDDL

The discom is not only working extensively on technology deployment but also on capability development for smooth integration of information and operation technologies, he said.

"We are developing a very robust infrastructure for a smooth transition from electronic meters to smart metering and ready to take a lead in the mission of developing a smart grid for smart cities with the integration of renewables, rooftop, electric vehicles as well," Banga said.

The project has already started with the installation of communication and back-end IT infrastructure last year and now metre deployment is commencing from this month, said a spokesperson of the discom.

Smart meters offer a range of functions that will benefit both consumers and distribution utilities, he said.

The rollout of smart metres should be achieved in a cost-effective way to optimise these benefits. Smart meters represent a possible game-changer by empowering consumers through visualising their online consumption and support energy efficiency and demand response applications.

A smart meter is equipped with a display screen that shows the consumption of power and also communicates with the power supplier for metering and billing.

Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited is a joint venture of the Delhi government and Tata Power.