Traditional 21-Gun Salute at R-Day Parade at Rajpath

Traditional 21-Gun Salute at R-Day Parade at Rajpath

The spirit of patriotism soared and roared as the national anthem was sung in the accompaniment of booming 21 gun salute at the Rajpath here during the Republic Day function.

The well-coordinated gun salute by seven cannons of 2281 Field Regiment starts with the first note of the national anthem and ends with the last.

The duration of the 21 gun salute coincides with the length of the national anthem. Each gun (25-pounder) is handled by a team of three personnel.




Special clocks are used to measure time in smaller units for precision. Also, back up gun are there to the meet the situation where a gun does not go off. The battery fires 21 rounds in 52 seconds.


Besides the Republic Day, the guns are used for firing salutes during the Independence Day (August 15), the Army Day (January 15), Martyrs' Day (January 30) and for welcoming head of states of other countries at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.