Woman loses son, husband within a minute

Woman loses son, husband within a minute

Tragedy strikes Amritsar

Members of National Human Rights and crime control organisation participate in a candlelight vigil to pay tribute to victims of Amritsar train accident, in Amritsar, Saturday. PTI

The scale of human tragedy that unfolded on Friday night in Amritsar after a speeding train ran over scores of Dusherra revelers is inconceivable with heart-wrenching stories of grief pouring out.

Thirteen-year old Abhishek and his father Ganesh had plans to get some street food packed after seeing the Ravana effigy go up in flames.

The family were to sit for dinner together.

The two, like the hundreds of other Dusherra revelers, got on the railway track and were mowed down under the speeding train.

Abhishek's mother couldn’t bear the shock.

She’s lying unconscious since the news came to her.

Within moments, she had lost her husband and son.

Desperate people ran helter-skelter amid the commotion that ensued after the accident.

A frightened 39-year-old Navjeet Singh carefully stepped through scores of dead bodies strewn all over, desperately looking for his lone son who was nowhere to be found, after the train accident.

In the pitch of darkness, with the torchlight option on his mobile phone switched on, he beamed at every person he saw, dead or alive, along the sides of the railway track.

His search was abruptly interrupted. An acquaintance told him that the dismembered body of his 16-year old son, Sachin, had been cleared from the tracks and moved to the hospital.

Singh’s world came crashing down. He had lost his only son.

From late in the night to sunrise, parents, relatives and kin kept scanning the tracks for any sign of their loved ones.

Identification of the dead remains a problem with bodies ripped apart in several pieces.

An inconsolable Asha Rani, who lost her minor daughter in the accident, said that her daughter was excited for the Dusherra celebration and had even bought a new dress for the occasion.

“I got her body back all soaked in blood,” she cried.

In the middle of the bodies, which were strewn all around the tracks, a wailing father, sat helplessly by the side of his 20-year old dead son, Neeraj.

As desperate people ran in panic looking for their missing loved ones, he cried, urging them not to trample over his son, who lay dead.

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