Tremors in two Kerala districts

Tremors in two Kerala districts

Though the tremors were accompanied by a boom that generated panic among the public, no casualties have been reported from the area. A team of scientists were sent by the state government to study the impact in the area.

According to initial estimates the magnitudes of tremors were recorded at 5:29 am and 5:48 am are 2.8 and 3.4 on Richter scale respectively.

Idukki is the district where the major dams of Kerala are situated. These include the biggest Idukki hydroelectric project and Mullapperiyar hydro electric project which are a subject of dispute between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Friday’s quake was clearly felt at Mullapperiyar, according to officials.

Dr N P Kurien, director of CESS, told Deccan Herald that as per the preliminary assessments there is nothing to panic about.

The CESS has a seismograph installed near the area and the scientists are making a detailed analysis of data.