Trinamool MP chided for remarks against Acharia

Trinamool MP chided for remarks against Acharia

Despite the Speaker’s reprimand to Bandopadhyay, the protesting leftist MPs stalled the proceedings of the House.

The Speaker had to adjourn the House twice before the lunch-break. Finally, the protesting MPs relented after leaders of all the parties made appeals to Acharia to draw the episode to a close. The Trinamool MP, however, remained firm on his stand that he had not made any unparliamentary remark that he should apologise for.
An impromptu debate in the Lok Sabha on the railway motormen’s strike in Mumbai had resulted in a heated exchange between the Trinamool and leftist MPs on Tuesday and Bandopadhyay alleged hurled some expletives to Acharia.

In the Rajya Sabha, Congress MP Mani Shankar Aiyar expressed regret over his remarks against Leader of Opposition and senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley last Monday.
Aiyar said he had regretted to have “inadvertently and without malicious intent” used the words, which were subsequently expunged from the records of the proceedings of the House by the chair.

As soon as the Lok Sabha assembled for the day at 11:00 am, the leftist MPs were up on their feet demanding apology from Bandopadhyay.

Amid the din, Kumar said that the words uttered by Bandopadhyay in reaction to some comments by Acharia on Tuesday and the manner in which the Trinamool MP had made those remarks were “quite unbecoming of a member of the House”.
“I disapprove of such conduct. I hope no member of the House will again give an occasion for the chair to make such an observation,” she said, as the leftist MPs trooped into the well of the House and disrupted the proceedings of the Question Hour and continued to demand an apology from Bandopadhyay.

Bandopadhyay on Wednesday told the House that he had made no unparliamentary remark in accordance with the proceedings and video-footage of the House. “I need not be taught by anybody as to how to behave in Parliament,” he said.
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