UP CM may join Modi in Gujarat poll juggernaut

UP CM may join Modi in Gujarat poll juggernaut
The history of elections in Gujarat since the turn of the century has been about only one name all the way - Narendra Damodardas Modi. No other political persona has been able to match the aura of the prime minister in his home state. All the elections, be it parliamentary or civic, the ruling BJP has always banked on Modi’s name to stay in power, multiple troubles notwithstanding.

However, the forthcoming Assembly polls in Gujarat may well see one more star campaigner for the BJP – newly appointed chief minister of Uttar Pradesh – Yogi Adityanath. “Uttar Pradesh is the largest state in the country and it has massive impact on other states. Yogi’s work as chief minister is being discussed and appreciated not just at the national but even international level. So, him coming to Gujarat for campaign will definitely help BJP,” Bharat Pandya, spokesperson for BJP said. The move of Yogi campaigning in Gujarat to help saffron party see surge in its fortunes at the hustings was confirmed by BJP state president Jitu Vaghani. “All the BJP chief ministers from across the country are invited to campaign and highlight their good work to the electorate of Gujarat. Yogiji will also be there,” he said.

Pandya for his part added a caveat that though Yogi’s presence will help, in Gujarat Modi remains at the top. “Ever since Modi became Prime Minister, it has been a matter of pride for people in Gujarat and for us Modi’s wave itself is enough,” Pandya said.

The Opposition Congress said that by bringing Yogi to Gujarat, BJP was seeking to replay its politics of ‘polarisation’. “This time it will not make much of a difference as people are fed up of BJP rule and all the issues of atrocities against dalits, women, Patels, farmers and contract employees of the government will go against it,” Himanshu Patel, Congress leader said.
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