US-Iran nuke deal bad, says Israel envoy

US-Iran nuke deal bad, says Israel envoy

US-Iran nuke deal bad, says Israel envoy

Israel’s Ambassador to India, Daniel Carmon said on Thursday that the US-Iran nuclear deal “is not a good agreement” while expressing concerns over the issue.

Responding to a question, Carmon said that the Iranian “policy of destabilisation” and “promoting terrorism” is a worry for Israel.

“The imminent nuclear deal between the US and Iran is not a good agreement, but could have been better if Iran ensured that it does not continue its policy of destabilisation and promotion of terrorism in the region. I would not be the first to tell you that we don't like the agreement. We thought a better agreement could be reached in a way that would make sure that Iran does not continue or does not use or does not misuse what it is already doing in the area, specially in field of destabilisation of the area and promoting terrorism,” he said after inaugurating the new premises of the Consulate General of Israel in the city.

Responding to a query on how Israel sees India and Iran economic ties, Carmon said India understands the complexity of the Iranian policy of destabilisation, promotion of terrorism and developing military nuclear capability.

Asked about the update on lifting of ban on the Israeli military industries in India, Carmon hoped that it will be cleared soon and it does not affect the relations between the defence establishments of both countries. He said that the ban is like only a drop in something much bigger (referring to India and Israel’s close ties).

Asked to comment on India’s stand on Palestinian cause, Carmon reiterated External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s comments that India has a commitment to Palestine cause and has good relations with Israel.

On the proposed first-ever visit by President Pranab Mukherjee to Israel, Camron said it will be a historic event. “Even though the visit is yet to be officially announced, we are working on the details of the visit.  We are very excited and looking forward to it,” he said.