Village unfurls tricolour first time since Independence

Village unfurls tricolour first time since Independence

Never before had the village celebrated Independence Day. PTI file photo

A village in Haryana’s Bhiwani district unfurled the tricolour on Independence Day for the first time in 71-years since Independence.

Never before had the village celebrated Independence Day. That’s because this place dubbed as ‘village of rebels’ had resolved not to celebrate Independence Day as a mark of protest and that vow has continued for decades now.

On Wednesday though, a village native and Chennai girl, Anamika, unfurled the national flag for the first time in her village Rohnat to mark the end of a long standing resolution. Anamika, who has an MTech degree and works in Chennai in the income tax department, was asked to do the honours since she is the most educated among the lot. She said all her life she only saw and read about Independence Day fervour, but all that was needed on this occasion was missing in her village.

The British regime had auctioned the village land to outsiders and natives of the village have remained deprived of their land even after the British left India, which is why they never celebrated Independence Day in 71 years. This time they did, but on the assurance of Haryana Chief Minister M L Khattar, who visited the village a few months ago and promised concrete steps.

'Village of rebels'

The British had labelled Rohnat as a ‘village of rebels’ for their role in the revolt of 1857. It is believed that in May of 1857, forefathers from Rohnat broke into the Hisar jail and freed freedom fighters who were incarcerated for opposing the British. Some British officers were killed at Hansi, which led the British to unleash a reign of terror. Natives in large numbers were killed, maimed and many hung by trees and run over by a road roller.

Nearly 21,000 acres of their land was auctioned to outsiders by the British to teach the villagers a lesson. The villagers tried to get back their land after India got freedom, but till date their struggle continues. Officials say agricultural land that was auctioned could not be returned owing to legal complexities.

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