Cow enters hostel of IIT Bombay, munches on book

Cow enters hostel of IIT Bombay, munches on book

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Couple of months ago, a bull injured a student inside the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay campus at Powai in Mumbai. Then a cow was seen walking inside a lecture room. Now, a cow has entered the hostel and chomped off pages of a book.

The photo of the cow has gone viral on various social media platforms. Crocodiles from the Powai lake and leopards who stray away from the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, too had been noticed inside the campus, in the past.

The IIT-B management has already formed a committee to look into the issue of human-animals conflict. However, it has not commented on the cow-eating-book photo.

On social media, the incident has evoked a lot of comments. Legal luminary and activist Prashant Bhushan said, "Cow enters hostel room of IIT-B, eats pages of a book. Cows are now digesting more information & knowledge than Bhakts. Headed towards the Cow age."

"Nothing to be surprised. They want to make India #Cowstan. Cows are now being sent to IITs to  eat books When a child  drinks Milk of such Cows he or she will become engineer without studying," remarked Azad.

"Finally, a cow gets admission in IIT Bombay, and got hostel room as well!! The biggest achievement of Modi govt!!," Anukumar PV remarked.