Heavy parking fines in Mumbai

Heavy parking fines in Mumbai

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Parking two-wheelers and four-wheelers illegally on Mumbai's roads will now attract highest-ever fines in India - if it is within a 500-metre radius of parking lots.

The BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has come out with stringent fines hoping that it would act as a deterrent for parking violations. The new fine slabs will come into force from Sunday. 

The fine ranges from Rs 5,000 to Rs Rs 15,000. For two-wheelers (motorcycle and scooter) the fine is Rs 5,000, for three-wheelers (auto and two-wheeler with sidecar) Rs 8,000, for light motor four-wheelers Rs 10,000, for medium motor vehicles Rs 11,000 and for heavy motor vehicles Rs 15,000.

The BMC has put up the new rate cards near the 28 functional public parking lots (PPL) across the city.

According to the rate card, car owners who are caught illegally parking within the 500-metre radius of PPL will have to pay a penalty between Rs 7,500 upfront.

If the owners are not present, an additional Rs 2,500 have to be shelled out as towing charges to be paid to traffic police for towing the vehicle away. The fine for delayed payment is Rs 170 per day.

Similarly, for two-wheelers, the penalty is Rs 4,300 upfront and towing charge of Rs 700 additional. They will have to shell out Rs 110 per day for delayed payment.

"We want to discourage people from parking in the street," said deputy municipal commissioner Anand Wagralkar.