IIT-Bombay bans anti-national activity

IIT-Bombay bans anti-national activity

IIT Bombay. (Photo Credit: http://www.iitb.ac.in/en/about-iit-bombay)


In a move that has come under public scrutiny, the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay has banned what it describes as "anti-national", "anti-social" and "undesirable" activities on its campus. 

However, the circular does not define what would be treated as an "anti-national" activity. 

The circular was issued by the Dean of Student Affairs (DoSA).

Point no 2 of the circular states: "Speeches/plays/music or any other activity that disturbs peace of hostel environment is strictly prohibited. Not allowed even if faculty is part of the gathering. Only matters that are approved from DoSA office  will be permitted."

Point no.10 states: "Residents shall not participate in any anti-national,  anti-social and/or any other undesirable activities".

The circular also makes clear that no person of opposite sex, guest or otherwise shall stay overnight in the hostel after 10 pm.

On the good behavior list is: all students shall be courteous and fair with everyone, inside and outside the hostel, carry their I-cards and produce them on demand, not smoke, drink or take drugs anywhere on the IIT-B campus, nor enter the premises in an intoxicated state.

It also warns the students against screening pirate/unauthorized/unlicensed movies, not move around furniture and fitments, and refrain from defacing walls, doors, windows, shelves from inside or outside.

The premier institute's management also dissociated itself from an active group called “IIT-Bombay for Justice” saying it not an officially recognized body.

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