IPS officer quits over 'communal, unconstitutional' CAB

IPS officer quits over 'communal, unconstitutional' CAB

After IAS officers Kannan Gopinathan and Sashikant Senthil quit over government scrapping special status of Jammu and Kashmir, senior IPS officer Abdur Rahman has announced that he will not be continuing in service from Friday in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

Rahman, an Inspector General of Police posted with Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission, posted a letter on his Twitter handle saying that the whole Idea behind the Bill is to divide the nation on religious and sectarian lines and it creates fear among the people.

"I condemn this Bill. As a civil disobedience, I have decided not to continue in the service and thus not to attend office from tomorrow. I am quitting the service finally. I say sorry to those who want me to continue in service and give justice to the deprived people," he said in the letter posted on Twitter.

Separately, Rahman said that he had sought voluptuary retirement on August 1 but the Ministry of Home Affairs had denied it, which he said was "made in haste, by not applying mind, with clear prejudice, unfairly and abusing power of authority and discretion as there is no charge sheet of any departmental enquiry pending" against him.

In the letter on Twitter, he said the Bill clearly discriminates against Muslims and is "totally unconstitutional and against the very basic feature of equality".

"It runs against the religious pluralism and spirit of tolerance of the Indian nation. If implemented, it will destroy the brotherhood and common fabric among the people," he said.