Kolkata Police emergency numbers resume functioning

Kolkata Police emergency numbers resume functioning after about 24 hours

Kolkata Police issue alternate phone numbers to counter outage of emergency number. (Credit: PTI Photo)

After remaining non-functional for more than 24 hours the emergency helpline numbers of Kolkata Police control room at its headquarters in Central Kolkata have started functioning. According to sources the affected numbers include the traffic control room, police control room and woman’s helpline number.

“Please note that the landlines of Control Room (including Dial-100/1090/1091/112) are not working properly due to technical reason,” Kolkata Police had said in a statement.

Several alternative numbers were provided by the Kolkata Police. “The following numbers are now functional: A)Temporary Numbers: i) 94326-10443, ii) 94326-10446, iii)98749-03465, iv) 94326-24365. B)Senior Citizens Helpline - 98300-88884.C)Medical Helpline – 98300-79999,” said the Kolkata Police statement.

According to sources the problem had started on Monday afternoon. However, it was a temporary glitch.