Mountaineering club's team summits Wajir Pinnacle

Mountaineering club Giripremi's team summits Wajir Pinnacle

The Wajir Pinnacle is considered one of the hardest climbs in the country

Pawan Hadole, Varun Bhagwat and Rohan Desai. Credit: Giripremi

A team of ace rock climbers from mountaineering club, Giripremi summited 250-foot tall Wajir Pinnacle located in Mahuli region of Thane district in Sahyadris.

Wajir, a tall pinnacle made with basalt, rises vertically at 90 degrees. The climbing route falls under difficult grades and a handful of rock climbers could manage to negotiate the challenge of Wajir in the past.

Giripremi’s Pawan Hadole, Varun Bhagwat and Rohan Desai summited the pinnacle on Sunday.

The climb was assisted by Ashish Mane and Nikunj Shah. Climbers took 4 hours to complete more than 200-foot climb on one of the toughest rock-climbing routes in the country.

Wajir is located near Mahuli Fort which houses several vertical rising pinnacles.

“Climbing on Wajir is a dream of rock climbers as the rock patches possess the highest-level challenges. Giripremi’s new breed of rock climbers along with seasoned campaigners calmly overcome the challenges to top the pinnacle,” a statement said.