Why no CBI, NIA to probe plot to kill PM, asks Oppn

Why no CBI, NIA to probe plot to kill PM, asks Oppn

Manu Abhishek Singhvi. PTI

The investigation into the arrest of rights activists and the reported plot to assassinate the prime minister has stirred up yet another controversy with the Opposition parties questioning the absence of the NIA and the CBI from the probe.

The investigation in to the reported plot to assassinate the prime minister are led by the Maharashtra Police, which said it would share the evidence collected, in this regard, to the court.

“I would imagine that if the charge was credible and serious … The NIA, the home minister, the CBI, the R&AW and the Intelligence Bureau should be involved,” Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi said in New Delhi.

NCP leader Nawab Malik also questioned why the Maharashtra Police had not involved central agencies to probe a matter as serious as a plot to assassinate the prime minister.

At the outset, Singhvi said he would condemn any assassination plot against the prime minister. He said nobody in his right mind would support a person trying to attack the prime minister of India.

“The biggest investigative agency of our country are not to be seen in the investigation of an assassination attempt on the prime minister and the Pune Police is in-charge? I find it absurd. As a matter of fact, I am gravely concerned about the security of the prime minister if you are leaving the matter like this to Pune Police,” Singhvi said.

He said the head of the government is involved as a possible target and “you are talking through the person who is having the press conference of the Pune Police”.

Singhvi also expressed surprise that the purported letter detailing the plot to assassinate the prime minister, which the police claimed to have seized from the activists, was not presented in court.

“Very strange! The letter of which everybody is talking about is not part of Bheema Koregaon case,” the Congress leader said.