Women protection: Visa Balaji temple forms Jatayu Sena

Women protection: Visa Balaji temple forms Jatayu Sena

C Rangarajan the chief priest with Nadeem (with garland) at the Chilkur Balaji temple on Tuesday.

To prevent atrocities on women, the Visa Balaji temple at Chilkur has formed a 'Jatayu Sena' with a Muslim man becoming its first member.  

A large number of male devotees took an oath to serve as the members of the 'Jatayu Sena' at a function in the temple on Tuesday morning.

Nadeem, who rescued a minor girl from being raped near Moinabad Mandal, was the first Jatayu who was felicitated and blessed by the priests.

“We need people to work like Jatayu in the current scenario. The increasing atrocities on women are a worrisome thing for spiritual institutions. We need to create social responses to contemporary challenges. Hence the Jatayu Sena,” the temple's chief priest C S Rangarajan said.

Rangarajan, who made a statement by carrying a Scheduled Caste man on his shoulder inside the temple, said that the idea of a 'Jatayu Sena' came from devotees.

“In India there are 6.6 lakh villages and towns but only 12,800 police stations. It is therefore extremely necessary to build, rebuild and sustain respect and reverence for women in line with the age-old and ancient traditions of India,” he said.

Apart from those who took the oath on Tuesday, interested devotees can join the army to fight against the atrocities against women in their localities and to work as intelligence providers to prevent atrocities and extend help in investigations.

Jatayu is a Mythological bird in the Hindu epic of Ramayana.

Ravana chops off Jatayu’s wings when the latter tries to save Sita. Breathing his last, Jatayu gives vital clues to Lord Ram.

Last year, the temple organised a Rakhi Challenge on Raksha Bandhan day, calling upon men to treat women as their sisters.

This year’s programme is a continuation of the Rakhi Challenge with modifications, the chief priest said. Chilkur Balaji temple is known among young men and women who want Visas to study or work in North America, especially the USA.

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