Work or leave, MLA tells officials

Work or leave, MLA tells officials

At Deccan Herald-Prajavani’s Janaspandana event at Rajarajeshwarinagar constituency on Saturday residents discussed issues like water shortage, traffic gridlocks, stray dog menace and waste management failure with the local MLA Munirathna Naidu.

Residents of JP Park in Mathikere, HMT Layout and Yeshwanthpur wards complained that the water supply issue has returned merely eight months after it was fixed.

Stating that he was aware of the issue, Naidu said water pipes had to be laid in certain areas. “If we call for a tender, the process will take longer. There is a provision in the KTTP act where the department itself can undertake the work. It will be done within a month,” he said.

Many complained that the roads have turned into death traps for pedestrians, with the pavements often being encroached or broken. Though the metro runs through the constituency, no efforts have been made to provide last-mile connectivity through public transport, they said.

Some of the associations complained that piles of garbage were lying unattended which not only pose health hazards but also contribute to the stray dog menace. Representatives of apartment associations said the waste was not being collected regularly. “We are told that there are no lorries or garbage tippers available for collection of waste,” said a resident.

“As per records, there are 21 auto tippers in this ward. But in some places, only two tippers and a goods auto are being used to collect garbage. Previously, garbage disposal in this constituency cost Rs 16 lakh. Now, it has grown overnight to Rs 35 lakh. There is corruption here. I have raised this issue in the BBMP council meeting. The ACB is looking into the matter with a complaint lodged by the BBMP commissioner,” he said.

Naidu took officials to task when a resident complained that a scrap dealer had encroached the pavement asking them to explain how they granted permission for commercial activity in a residential space. 

He also pulled up a senior veterinary inspector and sought to know how the money sanctioned for animal control was utilised in the ward.

“Rs 5 crore was sanctioned for 198 wards, with each ward getting Rs 2.5 lakh. Why are we not able to see results,” he questioned. He said a meeting would be conducted with officials in charge of the programme. The inspector explained that it cost just Rs 995 for injecting each dog.

The MLA said all officials had to work on a war-footing to address challenges that the residents faced. “I am not here to agree to government officials who come to their office, warm chairs and leave. We want those who can work. The others may leave,” he warned.

He blamed the BWSSB executive engineer for some of the issues and said it was after he came to the constituency that new problems had surfaced.