YouTube to display news publisher's govt funding

YouTube to display news publisher's govt funding

YouTube is engaging with a number of third-party publishers like BOOM, Quint, Factly, AFP, Jagran and others to verify the facts in news videos, and flag incorrect information to help users distinguish between misinformation and authentic news stories. Re

YouTube, which had launched 'information panels' for news-related videos to flag misinformation on its platform, on Monday said these boxes will now highlight whether the publisher of the content is funded by the government.

“If a channel is owned by a news publisher that is funded by a government, an information panel will surface that indicates that the publisher is "funded in whole or in part" or is a "public broadcast service", with a link to the publisher's Wikipedia page,” YouTube Director (Head of News Partnerships) Tim Katz said in a blogpost.

Additional info

"Our goal is to equip users with additional information to help them better understand the sources of news content that they choose to watch on YouTube. This information panel will be displayed on the watch page of all the videos on its channel," he said.

These additional information panels will be available in English and Hindi, he explained.

Earlier, YouTube had announced that it will start showing 'information panels' -- flagging misinformation and offering correct insights -- for news-related videos on its platform as part of its efforts to curb spread of fake news.