No cheer for fishermen during fishing season

No cheer for fishermen during fishing season

The inclement weather condition has adversely affected the fishing community in the coastal districts.

The fishing season commenced on August 1. But the rough sea, continuous rains and the cyclonic weather kept have fishermen away from the sea, during the fishing season. 

Speaking to DH, Nitin Kumar of Trawl Boat Fishermen Association said, “August is pretty bad as the fishing boats could not venture into the deep sea for several days. Those who had already left for fishing had to return within a day or two due to poor weather and rough sea.”

“The sea at the estuary in Mangaluru was rough and the boats could not even enter the Wharf. As a result, more than 150 boats had to take shelter at the NMPT. The trawl boats that left on August 1 had received good catch. But they had to return immediately due to the cyclonic condition.”

“Now, several purse seine and trawl boats have left for deep sea fishing on Thursday. This is the season of ‘Rani’ fish, which we sell up to North Karnataka. Even as the catch arrives, the transportation of the fishes from Mangaluru to other parts of the state will be affected as the Shiradi and Sampaje Ghats have been closed,” he added.

Further, 75% of the fish, especially squid and cuttlefish, are sent to Kerala for export. Given the current flood conditions there, even this export will also be affected. A majority of the fish plants are situated in Kochi, from where fishes are exported. There are five to six plants in Mangaluru which export fish, he said.

Fishermen leader Mohan said that the poor weather has hit the fishing sector along the Coastal part of the state.

“Once we get the fish catch, if we fail to send it to different parts of the state, then it will reduce the price of the fish, which will affect the boat owners. The rise in diesel price is already affecting the boat owners. In spite of it, the boat owners have to pay 25% of the catch to the labourers in case of trawl boats and 35% in case of purse seine boats.”

It is not just the fishing industries that are affected, but the ice plants are also bearing the brunt. Compared to last season, this season is dull, feel the ice plant owners.

During the 61-day ban on the fishing season (June 1 to July 31), the tradition crafts mounted with less than 10hp engines can venture into fishing. However, the rough sea during the season did not allow the traditional boats to venture for fishing, said the traditional fishermen.

According to officials, the inclement weather during the fishing season has affected the catch. The traditional boats, purse seine boats and trawl boats could not venture into fishing from August 1, after the fishing season commenced.

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