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Surrendering to the divine involves recognising that every setback, detour, or challenge is a thread woven into a larger narrative
Last Updated : 26 August 2023, 05:14 IST
Last Updated : 26 August 2023, 05:14 IST

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In the early days of 2004, when the concept of ‘angel investors’ was relatively new and unfamiliar, a situation unfolded involving our angel investor at MeritTrac. Struggling with financial difficulties, the investor sought to swiftly divest their stake in the company to recover their capital. In this nascent period of angel investing, we embarked on a quest to locate a suitable buyer, a task complicated by the lack of online resources for such discoveries.

In a quick turn of events, the investor managed to identify a potential buyer. An urgent meeting was arranged that evening, underlining the investor's haste to conclude the transaction. At the meeting, the prospective buyer had an air of dubiousness, raising mild suspicions. Despite these misgivings, the pressing nature of the deal compelled us to agree to the terms, with the intention to finalise the transaction the following morning.

Yet, an unsettling feeling pervaded our thoughts regarding this deal. While lacking concrete reasons to reject the buyer, we remained apprehensive. The absence of accessible online search capabilities (Google Search was in its infancy stage) left us without immediate means to conduct due diligence on the buyer's background and credibility.

On my way back from that meeting, I made an impromptu visit to my parents’ home. Upon arrival, they happened to be engrossed in a popular Kannada TV programme called Crime Diary. Astonishingly, the mastermind behind the criminal cases featured on the show bore a striking resemblance to the individual we had encountered hours earlier. This individual, as revealed by the show, orchestrated a massive chit fund scam victimising numerous investors in north Karnataka. Furthermore, he was currently evading law enforcement in Bangalore.

With a sense of horror (and deliverance), I contacted our investor and revoked our commitment to the deal. Reflecting on the potential consequences of proceeding with the transaction without this timely revelation is indeed chilling. This sequence of events prompts contemplation on the nature of what unfolded. One might attribute it to sheer luck — a fortuitous alignment of circumstances that enabled the exposure of the buyer's sinister intentions. Alternatively, one might view it as an instance of divine intervention — to safeguard our interests from a perilous partnership.

As we journey through the passages of retrospection, this incident serves as a reminder of the fine balance between vulnerability and safeguarding. The potentiality for calamity looms like a shadow, ready to cast its veils over our endeavours every moment. Yet, it's when we find ourselves gliding through existence relatively unscathed that the inquiry gains significance.

In these moments of ease, do we attribute our safety to the benevolent hand of fate — a fortuitous series of occurrences that have shielded us from harm? Or do we contemplate a deeper design, wherein the threads of destiny are subtly woven together by some cosmic force, steering us clear of the abyss?

It is in these reflections that we find a convergence of humility and wonderment. For as we traverse the intricate tapestry of life, the boundary between happenstance and providence remains beautifully blurred, inviting us to marvel at the complexity of our journey and the intangible forces that shape it.

Entrepreneurship, like life itself, is a journey filled with twists, turns, and unexpected challenges. Amid the pursuit of success and innovation, there exists a force that transcends human ambition — the divine will. Surrendering to this higher power is not a relinquishment of control, but a conscious choice to harmonise our entrepreneurial pursuits with a greater cosmic plan.

The Bhagavad Gita reveals a narrative of Arjuna, a warrior prince facing a moral dilemma on the battlefield. Seeking guidance, Arjuna turns to Lord Krishna, his charioteer, who imparts insights on surrendering to the divine will. In this conversation, we witness Arjuna's transformation from uncertainty to purpose as he learns to detach from outcomes and align his actions with a higher design.

For entrepreneurs, this serves as a blueprint for navigating the complexities of business by embracing a sense of purpose beyond profits and surrendering our efforts to the divine will. Surrendering to the divine involves recognising that every setback, detour, or challenge is a thread woven into a larger narrative. Entrepreneurs who surrender find solace in the belief that their journey is part of a purposeful design.

(Madan Padaki is Co-founder, Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship, and President, TiE.)

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are the author's own. They do not necessarily reflect the views of DH.

Published 26 August 2023, 05:14 IST

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