Accidental or divine plan?

Last Updated 24 May 2022, 18:58 IST

‘Accidental’ refers to events that happen by chance, unintentionally, automatically or unexpectedly whereas a planned event is brought about intentionally with preparation or effort.

By a proper understanding of the incidents that occur in our life, we can live at a deeper level and benefit from their flow and the lessons they have for us. Sometimes, these incidents question our capacity to understand them. Most important occurrences like birth, health conditions, marriage, parentage, children, fortunes, miseries, and death are examples.

In Ramayana, Srirama did not leave Sita alone in danger nor did Yudhistira in Mahabharata succumb to the evil plans of Shakuni alone. We naturally begin to wonder whether these incidents are merely accidental or part of a divine plan.

The universe is immense and beyond our comprehension; everything that happens in it has links to and impinges, either immediately or in course of time, on everything else that happens elsewhere. This comes about through a divine-ordained and constant adjustment-readjustment of the energy of such incidents. Though they look accidental or chaotic now, we will someday understood them clearly.

Nothing is incidental, accidental, coincidental or fluke in life! Everything happens for a reason and that reason is the good of majority of all living beings. God achieves this through living beings and natural forces by blessing them with talents, intelligence, power and abilities. Nothing ever happens by mistake or oversight in God’s realm. These are the traits and attributes of humans, not God’s. Divine plans are not whimsical but are perfectly pre-programmed and automated based on cause and effect theory, called Karma in Hinduism.

Even though we cannot change, understand and appreciate the real purpose and reason for events in our life, we must have patience, trust in God, and continue to engage in our righteous activities in the belief that divine plans will always take care of us.

Time and unfolding events will prove that the divine plan was the best that could have happened in any situation. Divine plans, though appear to be unjust and hard for the time being, are perfect and far superior to even the best plans by humans.

So, let us understand that being a part of the divine plans, we are safe with trust in the goodness of divinity and gracefully accept whatever happens instead of grumbling and
cursing or even questioning the wisdom of God.

(Published 24 May 2022, 17:20 IST)

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