Let failure not fluster!

Last Updated : 04 July 2010, 15:22 IST

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For instance, your educational success could have hit the buffers and suddenly you find a slump in your academic progress. Or, at the professional front, your success curve could have taken a downward trajectory, still worse, you might have even got ousted from your job.

Be it in any arena, when we are assailed by a failure, the degree of distress/despondency experienced by us, is directly proportional to the amount of importance that we would have affixed to our success, in that particular area.

Interestingly, it's not the personal pain or disillusionment that agitates us. We are more agitated thinking about what the people around would be thinking of us! That is because, we're ever busy launching ourselves on the inexorable exercise of proving to others our potential/calibre, rather than proving these to ourselves!

We are so uber protective of our 'image' that whatsoever we don't want to put 'it' at stake! What we don't understand here is the fact that people don't care a fig about our successes/failures, which won't make a smidgen of difference to them!

Now, how do we pull ourselves out from the morass of depression, when a failure has mentally clobbered us? Well, the sure-shot panacea for overcoming pain caused by a failure is to think positively! When you think positively, you will start perceiving every failure as a step to a new success. What's more, you may even begin to feel that what all seemingly unfavourable things that happened to you, did happen for the best! Since, in life, be it in any sphere, when one avenue to success gets sealed, several other splendid avenues open up.

So after all, your recent failure could have been a blessing in disguise for you! In other words, what you have lost now may be totally insignificant, compared to what you may gain in future - which may be absolutely stupendous. Which means, you may experience scintillating success, coming up trumps, in some other area, for which you are more cut out for!

So next time on, when you are blitzed by a failure, don't let yourself being engulfed by gloom, ennui and depression. Psyche yourself into saying, "So what? This isn't the end of the world!" Develop that prudent and pragmatic approach to deal head-on with your failure. This you can certainly do if you have in you that oodles of gung-ho attitude.
Finally remember, happiness and sorrow, like crests and troughs of waves, keep fluctuating. So, this spell of depression in you, which has sprung as an offshoot of some failure, is just a transient phase.

This would soon peter off, making way for prosperous days ahead.

Published 04 July 2010, 15:21 IST

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