Life lessons at a resort

In small measures, sweet is good, but a surplus of it would surely get us sick!
Last Updated : 28 December 2021, 19:15 IST

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Lolling against the bedpost, I was looking at the lush greenery outside the long windowpanes of a lovely resort at Chickmagalur. After a time span of twenty months, we were on this pleasure trip, as a part of my son’s birthday celebrations.
The view outside was a visual spectacle. The delightful gurgle of distant rivulets produced dulcet music to the darting and dancing dragonflies.

The swan-white birds, spreading wings in the sprawling sky, in a splendid configuration, created a spellbinding sight. Some distance away, there were silky cumulus clouds, which had suddenly started scudding, revealing a series of serrated-edged hillocks. The dense foliage around, dotted with raindrops, formed by the drizzles, was indeed a joyous treat to the jaded minds and jangling nerves of the city-folks.

The rooms of the river-mist resort were remarkable. The delicate white and dark-grey drapes, daintily cascading from dual pelmets, looked dazzling and dreamy. The roofs looked like multiple horizontal slats, melded to each other. The pretty lampshades, having on its plinth, a brass image of a tribal belle, blowing a trumpet, had an antique touch. Just as the beige-hued Venetian blinds that bore an earthy feel.

The swan-white counterpanes were squeaky-clean. The washrooms, with sparkling faucets, emanated a fresh fragrance. The concrete bench outside the cottage, created by cobbled stones, covered by big pebbles, was captivating. The huge grass mound, beside the hewn tree trunk, hiked up the beauty even more. The kids’ play area with swings, slides, see-saw were all in shiny bright hues.

Amidst these, a small surprise was sprung on us, by the super ebullient resort staff, comprising Vishnu, Mithun, Naveen and Arfat (with 1000W smile!). A delectable cake was baked, besides dining-hall chairs being decked with bright balloons for my son’s birthday. This was a precursor to an elaborate spread of epicurean delicacies. Thanks to the veteran chef, Shivam, who had churned up that ambrosial cuisine.
Two days later, it was time to bid adieu.

This memorable jaunt made my mind mull over myriad things. One, we know the value of a thing, only when it is kept away from us. Just as, I could discern the value of pleasure, only after being deprived of it for months. Next, enjoyment is synonymous with the savouring of sweets. In small measures, it tastes simply good, but a surplus of it would surely get us sick!

Not to miss, the remarkable gesture of resort staff, who tried radiating joy, despite their receded revenues last year — thus showing, whatever be one’s state, one can still spread surfeit joy around. Yes, these life lessons, learnt at the resort, would linger in the labyrinths of my mind for a long.

Published 28 December 2021, 18:54 IST

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