As you age, keep your mind young

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Isn’t it ironic that everyone wants to live long long lives, but are scared of old age? Adapting oneself to every circumstance, like water that fills any crevice to reach an even level, we must learn the ability to flow with what life throws at us. 

When Henry Longfellow was well into old age he still looked hale and hearty; one ardent admirer asked him how he was able to keep maintain vitality and vigour physically and write so beautifully at his age.

Longfellow pointed to a blooming apple tree in his garden and said, “this apple tree is very old, but I have not seen prettier blossoms than those it now bears. The tree grows new wood every year and I suppose it is out of that new wood that these blossoms bloom year after year. Like the apple tree, I try to grow a little new wood every year.”

Like that great writer put, in a nutshell, we must believe that new wood is growing on the tree of life that will yield blossoms that bloom better year after year.

He has proved that an old body can house a young mind, and in the process, has discovered a fountain of youth which kept him perennially alert and made him eager to give back to life vigorously.

Youth has fire and age has light— many old people have proved that.

By adopting a cheerful and positive attitude many beat the blues of old age.

When an old man who reached 100 years of age was celebrating his birthday, one guest said, “I hope I come back to enjoy your party when you turn 101.”

And the old man said to the applause of those present there, “You look pretty healthy to me, I think you will make it.” Developing a sense of humour is particularly important as we age as that warrants appreciation and averts apprehension.

As ageing seems to be the only way to live for a long time, let us all age by growing new wood every year and blossom, abundantly, till our last breath.

Wrinkles need not replace smiles, neither do tears have to replace the sparkle in our eyes.

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