Be a better version of yourself

Be a better version of yourself

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We always make sure that our mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets are of the latest model and even after we have bought the latest gadgets, we ensure that the software installed is up to date, proudly announcing this fact to everyone.

In this race to own the best and the latest gizmos and gadgets, to be the first person in our circle of family and friends to buy that prized cell phone or car, we often don’t remember to update ourselves or become a better version of ourselves. Often when we meet people after years, we realize that other than becoming a few years older, their hair more salt than pepper and maybe a few pounds heavier, nothing much has changed in their personalities.

A short-tempered person still has a short fuse, with age his temper issues have spiralled out of control, a grumpy aunt is still grumpy, now bitterness has crept into her conversations, an arrogant and rude relative has clung on to both his earlier traits, now he has estranged himself from some family members due to his standoffish behaviour.

Why is it that people don’t upgrade their internal software? Why is it that people don’t want to be better versions of themselves? Isn’t our life the most prized possession we have? So, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we install the best software in our attitude, behaviour and character, in our thought, speech and action?

My father used to always tell me that getting angry, using bad words, gossiping, saying bad things about people, are all akin to taking a bath and then going out in the mud to play. His reason is that all our good deeds are washed away when we exhibit bad behaviour in any form. No amount of washing ourselves will make us feel really clean, as the dirt constantly exists in our minds. For my father, even thinking bad about someone was similar to playing in the mud.

He would say that if you harbour such negative thoughts in your mind, sooner or later they will spill out over your tongue and from there spread out into the world. And once such words are out, it’s difficult to catch them. Haven’t we seen people holding grudges for years, all because of a fight or bad words? It’s time we resolved to upgrade ourselves, to be the best versions of ourselves.