Finding extraordinary in ordinary

Finding extraordinary in ordinary

Some say “God is in the details,” indicating that openings for brilliance and ingenuity come from considering the details. However, the paradox is in this fast paced world, not many have the inclination to look into the details. There is clamour all around urging us to do something great, to live life king size. However, those seeking extraordinary feats, position, triumph, recognition or returns are exposed to soul-numbing burdens that detaches them from the moment.

My father takes a deep delight in the small and ordinary things. He can work an entire morning cleaning the little piece of land around his home, or in rearranging his book case. He also enjoys observing and connecting with nature and considers it a time well spent. He often tells me that one doesn’t need to jump higher than anyone to see the sunrise and sunset.

He loves being with his thoughts, his books at home, in the sanctuary he’s created within its walls. This simple life has provided him with an extraordinary insight into the natural and human condition. Nature often acts as a backdrop in his conversations about life and living. He once told me about the Golden Oriole.

In the ordinary canopy of his tree top home, where the rays of the sun dance but don’t quite penetrate, rests the perfectly extraordinary golden oriole with his less-colourful mate. The golden oriole is a small class of bird found throughout Europe and western Asia. The male bird is astonishing with prominent yellow and black feathers. Both the male and female however, are hard to spot in the awning as they are not only camouflaged among the leaves but also by the golden rays of the run. How extraordinary to be camouflaged in and by the sun, and yet perfectly ordinary.

My father is able to provide such simple yet powerful insights as he believes we become extraordinary simply by opening our eyes and hearts to the wonders integral to every moment. One does not require any special skill to appreciate the tranquillity of the moment, no degree is required to appreciate the wonder of being present, being cognizant of ourselves, nature and the universe. “Think of the small as large” says Lao Tzu and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.