Roof over your head


“Who has seen tomorrow? Live life to the full and enjoy the present. Tomorrow will take care of itself,” were the confident utterances of Raghav and Ruchi, a well-to-do and happy couple with two sons. They maintained a lavish lifestyle, and not believing in the concept of saving or investing for the future, they frittered away their wealth on frills and fancies.

Unfortunately, tomorrow suddenly made a tragic appearance, when Raghav lost his life prematurely in a catastrophic accident. Naturally, this came as a big blow to Ruchi, who was compelled to move in with her son, as she neither had a roof over her head nor the savings to acquire one. She became a mute spectator to the dismantling of her well-nurtured beautiful home. From being the mistress of a palatial home, she became an unwanted guest in her son’s house. This led to tears of regret and remorse, but it was too late to undo the damage.

Ruchi’s story is not an isolated case. There are many couples who lack the wisdom and foresight to plan their future sensibly. It is imperative to either save enough money to buy a property, or to acquire a home during their prime earning years, where they can live comfortably post retirement, or in an unforeseen exigency — a home which is well-equipped with all the basic amenities one is used to. It is not wise to be dependent on your children, who have their own obligations and priorities. 

Neither is it advisable nor practical to move bag and baggage from one rented accommodation to another during your old age, when you are likely to be plagued with health-related issues. What one needs at this time is the security, stability and independence of your own home where you can sleep peacefully with your dignity and self-respect intact. 

As someone has wisely said, “Home is where the heart is.”

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