The mantra of peace

The mantra of peace

Peace is a state of silence of the mind, when thoughts which usually agitate us leading to anxiety and inner anguish, are absent. The sages have said that meditation leads to peace, both inner and outer, as it reduces the number of thoughts that occupy one’s mind. There are also various mantras that bestow peace on the person chanting the mantras.

A mantra for peace that has always fascinated me is “Om shanti shanti shanti.” It was while reading a spiritual magazine, that I came across the meaning of this peace mantra.

The three shantis mentioned in the mantra each have a meaning. The first shanti is a plea to God to receive peace from all of nature, the second shanti requests for peace from one’s surroundings and the third shanti requests for peace from within.

As we delve deeper, we can unearth its true meaning. Living in this world, there is always a fear of suffering from natural calamities like landslides, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, accidents and so on. Only God can save us from these disasters, which we have no control over. This is the first shanti we request from God. Shanti from nature.

In our day to day lives, we may face problems from our neighbours, relatives, friends, or even family. This, in turn, can cause us a lot of grief. This is the second shanti in our prayer. Asking God to ensure our peace with people, so that a good and harmonious relationship exists. Shanti from the people around us.

The third shanti refers to the peace that we must find within ourselves, our mind. It actually beseeches God to bestow inner peace on us. Even if the first two circumstances aren’t favourable, we need not succumb to fear, because if there is peace in our hearts and minds, we can overcome any problem. Shanti from the negative thoughts that can attack our minds any time.

An agitated mind, weakened by negative thoughts, only sees problems. Only when there is peace, can we get the strength to find the solution, as peace of mind leads to reasoning.

May God grant us Om shanti shanti shanti in all spheres of our lives.