Writing for catharsis

Writing for catharsis

There are phases when one feels disgruntled and totally put off with life’s arduous challenges. It becomes more debilitating when all these man-made and natural challenges come at once, as if true to the saying, “It never rains but it pours.” When this happens and one feels that one has touched rock bottom, one must remember, “Just when the caterpillar thought that his world was over, he became a butterfly!”

However, when one is in a morbid mood, how does one cope in order to feel rejuvenated and alert again? While one can talk it over with an empathetic confidante, another suitable way of expressing one’s angst to release the stress would be write it all out. Armed with a paper and pen in hand, one should see to it that this takes place first thing in the morning when one’s mind has not yet been coloured with the events of the day and, therefore, one has no pre-conceived notions.  

One should write furiously with the aim of getting the emotions on paper. One should not bother too much with creating a masterpiece with perfect grammar, syntax and punctuation. No, one should realise that the aim is for possible catharsis. One advantage of writing for therapy is that it is safe, and is unlike telling a fair-weathered friend who may not keep these innermost thoughts or fears confidential. Indeed, the moment one tells a friend not to tell anyone, that is the first thing she will do!

As soon as one finishes writing, one would do good by tearing the paper up, or as one motivational speaker said, burn it up. This is because that is equivalent to destroying one’s thought demons after which one should hopefully not ever get upset, agitated or haunted by them again.

Once that cathartic effect is over, one should feel a weight being lifted off one’s mind and emerge lighter and more confident with the will-power to take on the world. As a spiritual leader advocates, “Even if this method does not work for you and it doesn’t help you, remember it will never harm you, and it has no side-effects. So why not give it a shot?” Happy writing!