Why search for farm jobs fell

Why search for farm jobs fell

Since the dawn of history, as people learned how to cultivate and grow their first grains, agriculture has been a powerful instrument that is vital in the growth and prosperity of every nation. Agricultural sector in India has been the most important sector, since independence as two- third of the population is dependent upon the agricultural sector either directly or indirectly.

This sector is not merely a source of livelihood but also the main source for food, fodder and fuel. The agricultural sector is growing day by day and is considered to be the backbone of the Indian economy. The working class for farm related job is uneducated and the sector is also unorganized. Hence, such job posts are not available online. According to Indeed India, in 2017, the online search for farm or agriculture related jobs dropped by almost 25%.

Given below are few factors that can be attributed to a decline in online search for farm-related jobs:

Lack of job security

Agricultural and farm related jobs as a career are considered to be scarce and people have a feeling of lower job security in this field. There has always been a lack of awareness regarding the scope of farm related jobs as it is an unorganized sector.

Scarcity of entrepreneurial spirit also hinders the entrance of new people, to take this up as a career option. Frauds in the agricultural sector have increased with time, for instance the fodder scam. Career is agriculture sector is commonly perceived as career that lack security, the lack of awareness about the scope of the sector and the dearth of entrepreneurial spirit also hinders new entrants in this sector.

Thus, such cases make it very uncertain and involve a lot of risk for people working in the agricultural sector. For a better beginning for their career, youth will not risk their growth.

Low level of Interest

People in the age group of 21-25 years, who freshly graduate, shower lower level of interest in agriculture and farm related jobs. People in this age group prefer choosing alternative career options like medical, journalism, fashion designing etc. for a better exposure.

Whereas, people in between 31-35 years of age might show some interest in this field, but they do not have awareness and knowledge about online job portals.

People are more interested in desk work jobs and want to live a luxury life hence agriculture sector is decreasing regarding job search.

Lack of education

Illiteracy rates have always been an issue of concern. People staying in urban areas, do not prefer to take up agriculture as a career.

Mostly rural people, who do not have access to advanced technological education and no awareness about online portals, take it up as a career option. The people do not have access to proper and complete education which results in lesser knowledge about the various sites available for online job search.

For a better career in this field, one requires professional education in the agricultural sector which is very rare amongst people living in urban areas.

Lack of Internet

These days, internet is easily accessible but due to lack of education, people in rural areas, only know the basics about operating it. This does not allow them access various job sites available and hence look for more skilled jobs. Hence, they look for something which is easily accessible to them and get involved in farm related jobs.

The clean labeling of agricultural products and derivative items are, however, likely to aid the ailing sector and revive interest for agricultural jobs amongst the youth. The shift in consumer behavior towards healthy eating and living is driving the movement towards clean labeling. This makes it very important for people to have expertise in the agricultural sector, which might in future, involve a larger number of youth and attract them to seek a career in this sector.

Clean labeling and healthy living together might act as a blessing for the agricultural sector to generate more employment. Creating awareness about the job availability on the online portals, will also help the sector to grow and attract a larger section of the educated sector.

(The writer is founder, WORKNRBY)


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