What’s up?

What’s up?

These days, most families have their relatives scattered all over the globe. As such, in this uncertain world, it has become imperative to let families know that they are safe and unharmed. WhatsApp is a boon to people — but people generally don’t keep to short messages about their well-being. For most people, it is an outlet for all that they do, their reactions and preferences which they feel compelled to share with all and sundry.

I rue the day I joined the club. Except for a doctor friend who sends pictures of family and messages that lift my spirits, and a few friends who send personal, meaningful messages, the rest are inane and need to be deleted. The photo senders expect me to see and admire everything. This includes common friends and foes and their kith and kin. And if they are travelling, there is a photo of ‘in front of every monument’ they visit.
Politics is an evergreen topic. People freely air their views. If the receiver disagrees, there will be heated arguments with neither side yielding. If nothing, this will hone their linguistic skills. Most of the time, though, they echo the views that have already been expressed in print. Every action has an opposite reaction. For every admirer, there will be a detractor!

Other favourite topic is VIP gossip. Their weddings and parties are discussed ad nauseum, accompanied by pictures and video clippings. Everyone’s clothes, their jewellery, the ceremonies, the guests, the menu, the decorations et al are discussed. It never occurs to them that some of us may not take such a morbid interest in these shenanigans. Oh, yes! fashion pundits give graphic details of what’s in and what’s out. And unsolicited reviews of the films they saw and the restaurants they patronised. There are those that specialise in forwards. They send each and every forward to all concerned or not. Very often, the same messages are forwarded by half a dozen people. And they are not verified. Sometimes, they turn out to be fake. Then there are the chain messages. The receivers are supposed to send them to a certain number of people within a certain time frame. Good fortune, success, health, wealth, prosperity, success will be theirs. What a simple solution to the world’s problems!

There are self-styled physicians who advise what healthy practices to follow and what not to. It is a wonder medical experts have not gone out of practice!

I am sick and tired of all this. The only way to retain my sanity is to come out of WhatsApp. So good bye WhatsApp. I am opting out and there will be no regrets!