Gutsy 'Galz'

Gutsy 'Galz'

They make up a feisty gutsy gang in a WhatsApp group that calls itself — audaciously — “Galz”. It is a motley crowd of women cutting across all levels of hierarchy from an organisation that bred and gave them their spunk and a never-say-die attitude.

The concerned ladies span a wide spectrum over agile eighties, spry seventies, sweet sixties, and the rearing-to-go fifties and forties. Some have long hung up their boots, some have done so lately, some are on the verge and others still in the saddle admirably juggling homes and careers with acrobatic finesse, achieving a perfect work life balance. They grace the promotion lists and land plum postings at home and abroad. What gives them unity in their rich diversity is their level of enthusiasm and the willingness to put their best foot forward.

Judging by the posts streaming in everyday, we really have a rich fare. There is much bonhomie as they wish one another happy birthdays as to make the birthday gal elated just to be born on this great ‘good earth.’ Then there is the erudite exchange of opinion and views and tongue-in-cheek comments on politics, economics, art, literature et al.

There is much enlightened discussion, debate, dissent, some heat, some light and finally a happy consensus on burning topics. In fact, no subject eludes their analytical abilities — demonetisation, bail out, elections, governance, frauds, taxes, literary festivals, the FIFA and what have you. It is also about general gossip, light-hearted banter, letting your hair down and the fine feeling of being among good friends. Then there are interesting video clips that smack of humour, tenderness and hard-hitting critique of social and political ills.

There are artists among the Galz — musicians, writers, philosophers and intrepid travellers bitten by the wanderbug whose accounts keep the rest of them enthralled and itching to start off with a backpack at the earliest. Although they are always ready with their quirky humour, there is plenty of empathy, appreciation and kindness when a sudden misfortune hits anybody.  

As one of the Galz appreciatively said, everybody is ready to help with compassion, sound advice, timely information and more than that if necessary. Not everybody knows everybody in the group but the sheer joy of connectedness across distances makes for great camaraderie. Of course, small groups of Galz meet, time and opportunity permitting, and then they have a royal blast in their colourful best seeing old friends once again and seeing others for the first time and feeling like they have known them forever.

There are active and passive members in the group, the active ones pitching in with their posts that trigger a chain of interesting responses and the passive ones absorbing everything and chipping in when they feel like it but enjoying the overall experience. So here’s to the spirit of the Galz!