The life of monsoon

The life of monsoon

During monsoons, novel occurrences can be seen all around. With the water level rising due to onslaught of rains, we find varied plants and animals making their appearance with a flourish. You sit on the dining table and are attacked by black ants from all side. Their synchronised attack puts us humans to shame. Actually, their burrows in the ground get flooded and so they look elsewhere for their home and hearth. In the toilet, they can be seen loitering here and there of their own free will.

My niece is mighty scared of them and squeaks and squeals when she catches sight of one. Once, she had touched one of these creatures out of curiosity and the ant had shown its annoyance by biting her. She wailed in pain and had to be given first aid immediately. One fine day, these predators found another victim — my mother. They slipped into her clothes. She was frantic and kept dusting her clothes. Ultimately, she took a bath and wore fresh clothes.

The whole house is their arena. The black ants are deadlier and more dangerous than the red ones, lest one dared cross their path. My father had tried to seal their holes some time ago. But all in vain. They managed to reopen them. Lesson learnt: they reign supreme and it is better to maintain discreet distance.

Living in a house that is open on three-sides has its pros and cons. There is enough parking space. My father has his own patch of land on which he indulges in his hobby of gardening. But earthworms can be seen slithering in our courtyard during the rainy season. Small toads enter our house and have a whale of a time. And mysteriously, they find their way to the toilets on their own. Centipedes are also to be seen.

But my father looks at the brighter side of this all. He says, “Flora and fauna are a few of god’s myriad gifts as is the rainfall. Relish it. All creatures big and small are god’s creations. They each have a purpose in the overall scheme of things. Even though the slimy earthworms may appear repulsive, they are the farmers’ best friends. I know that the frogs do not make a pleasant sight. They look abhorrent but they maintain a balance in nature.

“God almighty has created predators as well as the prey. If one species becomes endangered, things will go haywire. It is due to nature that we get such diversity in fruit and vegetables. We all want variety in diet, don’t we? The different strains of plants and different breeds of animals are mind-boggling. So appreciate all plant and animal life.”