Maimed by modern tech

Maimed by modern tech

When I first saw the #10YearChallenge thrown open to all and sundry across all social media platforms, I was aghast. There was a deluge of photographs, mostly from celebrities, of a photograph taken 10 years ago and another one taken recently. While the whole world speculated over the transformations, one thinking woman said that it would be more prudent to see how one’s perceptions, and not just looks, have changed in the last decade. Our minds are, unfortunately, wired to photographs and physical appearances without realising that beauty is overrated and is skin deep and superfluous.

What actually intrigue me of the last 10 fortuitous years are the latest models of modern-day contraptions, devices, gadgets and gizmos. Sucked into the vortex by the lure of latest gizmos, we human beings have forgotten some basic and meaningful activities. For example, with the advent of computers and smartphones, we have forgotten our spellings and grammar usage because the smart device’s spellcheck and grammar-check will readily do that for us.

Yes, gizmos now rule the roost. As newer technological inventions and discoveries are made, we will get detached from our basic skills, making us laid-back and lethargic. We will retreat into a more comfortable zone with every passing day, without much exercise to our ‘grey cells’. More than 10 years ago, I used to cook Continental cuisine and traditional home-made fare, but with Swiggy and Zomato delivering lip-smacking delicacies and fast food at the click of a button to my doorstep, I have given in. Nevermind if the kitchen’s ingredients lie idle on the shelves. “With no pains, there are no gains,” no longer holds good.

As complacency sets in, I no longer feel it is essential to perform basic mathematical calculations, for the smartphone calculator does so in seconds. I no longer need a calendar, a wristwatch, an alarm clock, a dictionary, a radio or a camera, for my smartphone doubles up for all of these. I now find a pen redundant for I just have to notch up the touch screen and, viola, the keyboard appears! With the TV playing its teleserials and movies, I have now forgotten how to read detective, romance and ghost stories, for the audio-visual treat that is dished out is more alluring. The sheer mindless entertainment doesn’t call for much mental exertion.

The last ten years of modernity has seen us grow lazy for easy living. Even though it has technically made life more “advanced”, somewhere along the way, something has gone missing. The simple attitude of hard and selfless work seems to have gone out of vogue as we no longer need to sweat our honest brow to earn a day’s upkeep.

Brilliance and hard work are conspicuous by their absence. No, I don’t want the intoxicating floral-scented perfumes, tried and tested by a team of perfumers, instead I want to inhale the fragrance of freshly picked roses along the way. Damnation! The car has made me forget how to walk and WhatsApp has made me forget how to talk.