My dear MLA sir...

My dear MLA sir...

My heart goes out to those of the 2,655 candidates who lost the elections to the Karnataka Assembly. After all, only 222 could win. The rest also did want to serve us all, that’s why they were in the field. But the electorate had their own method of choosing. Anyhow, it is not the end of the road for these 2,655 people who want to serve us. They will get another chance to try their electoral luck five years later.

Let us turn our attention to the chosen 222, whose toil or purse bore fruit.

Sir, most of you are all crorepatis. True, your purse is now a bit thinner by a couple of crores. That is the price you paid to get elected. But I am sure, you will earn it back soon. After all, it is the investment that you made which will earn you profit. If not, you would not have entered the fray in the first place. But sir, being a crorepati, please don’t look forward to foreign junkets, aka study tours, at our expense. You can certainly afford one. When you travel on your own you don’t have to give a study report to the Speaker. You are saved of that bother.

Also, just because you are a legislator, please don’t let the aam admi pick up your medical bill. You can foot it yourself. Wouldn’t you have done it if you were not a legislator, sir? Also, please make sure that your children do not take law into their own hands. These days, jails have room for such brats. Let not your children miss you and vice-versa.

Also, sir, please do not demand free passes for cricket matches as you normally do. Show some sportive spirit and buy it – you can easily afford it. Besides, please do not ask the government to allot you a BDA site in Bengaluru. There are thousands more deserving waiting. By the way, if you are not from Bengaluru, why do you need a site at all in this city, which some of you called garbage city or sin city depending upon your political affiliation? You have well-furnished accommodations in the legislators’ hostel where you can stay. In fact, if you are really a servant of the people, you need to stay in your constituency and not occasionally visit there from Bengaluru. Right, sir?

There are many small things you can easily attend to in your area which elected you. Please try to visit some primary schools and anganwadis regularly and see what the poor kids need. Your children may not be studying there, for obvious reasons, but children of your voters still depend on those schools, whose roofs may be collapsing or there is no water to drink. I am sure, you will attend to these basic needs. Please find some time for these issues, sir.

A legislator may be doing a thankless job. But you have chosen this career and made many promises while soliciting votes. Should not the janata expect something in return for their votes?