Tech-driven schools, tech-free students

Last Updated 12 February 2019, 19:52 IST

With the recent developments in technology, there have been quite a few notable inventions of the era. We are living amongst creations that have given us a monumental time wherein we have robot-driven hotels and smart cities. The implications of innovation in technology are not only limited to the IT industry or transportation industry; however, its functional usage can be seen in the education sector as well. The current trends in technology suggest the various advantages of incorporating technology into the curriculum.

Technology has emerged as the robust platform for liberating, educating and illuminating people.

The introduction of technology in schools has led to the advancement of information among the teachers as well as students. From being the tool to leverage the experimentation in pedagogy to creating a STEM-based culture for learning, schools are embracing the new technology. The commencement of the digital boards and tablets in place of black board and notebooks establishes the acceptance of technology among the schools.

Better understanding

The educators are the ones that benefit from this technological development the most as they can use various tools for their teaching methods. PowerPoint presentations, video graphics, info graphics, etc. are used in tech-driven schools and are also preferred by students, as they get various visual representations of many topics within the syllabus. Such visual representations help students understand a topic better. The educators can easily choose another form of pedagogy, through the use of technology, which will be convenient for both students and teachers. They can also have easy access to the latest information regarding the ongoing topics via internet and can state absolute facts in their classroom keeping them abreast.

This way, a student also can learn various tricks around the internet which is an essential tool in today’s life. This tool is also helpful in making students independent learners and in this way they can understand in a better and simpler way. They also have a chance for peer to peer learning as students are more comfortable with their friends than their professors, boosting connectivity. The various software packages today also have analytics and data interpretation tools, which allow teachers to pinpoint students’ weaknesses and learning styles which can be used for a focused approach to learning.

Double-edged sword

Technology is something that we should be grateful for, but this miracle may be affecting us in a negative manner and hence, can often be perceived as a double-edged sword.

It can be leveraged as a powerful instrument to educate, liberate and illuminate people, but if not used in a proper way, the same tools of technology can consume people, and veer them away from their hopes and dreams.

Just like on one hand, many experts believe that technology allows educators to personalise, adapt and experiment with their teaching methods; on the other hand, technology in the classroom can be distracting and may add to the increased screen time of students. It may also leave the younger generation highly dependent on technology and social media platform which ultimately influences young minds to thrive more in this virtual reality environment than in a real one.

Though the benefits of technology pave the way for a more digitally driven environment in schools, it also unfolds its various cons as well. The different aspects including health issues, lack of human touch and the capacity of schools in rural areas, smaller cities and towns to adapt and switch to technology driven learning, still fosters skepticism. That being said, the role of teachers as second partners to children and the effectiveness of experiential learning on a child’s psychology cannot be substituted by technology.

There may be many pros and cons attached to this topic but the use of technology and school management system not only benefits the students, but it streamlines various tasks and processes for the teachers, making education less stressful and more enjoyable. There are some initiatives taken by the parents and the schools to enable children to limit tech-usage so as to not miss out on real-life experiences. Such initiatives are very crucial and will help people to maintain a balance between their online and offline life helping them to reap the fullest from both cultures.

(The writer is Head of Business Development, Birla Edutech)

(Published 12 February 2019, 16:57 IST)

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