The era of the Divine Feminine

Embracing the Divine Feminine is also about trying to be in a state of flow and appreciation
Last Updated : 14 December 2022, 19:52 IST

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The world has hitherto been working on uninitiated masculine energy. Men and women have been driven by greed, aggression, ruthless ambition and detrimental speed.

This energy has pushed humans towards deforestation and destroying the environment. As a result, we are now facing the devastating effects of climate change and a biodiversity crisis.

Perhaps we are destroying ourselves too. The modern human is quickly becoming prey to lifestyle diseases. Most of us are perpetually in the “doing” mode, with seldom a minute to savour the moment.

Masculine energy in its purest, consummate form is divine. It is represented by holistic ambition, power with responsibility, holistic ambition and healthy leadership.

But the world has so far been functioning on raw, directionless masculine energies, which has resulted in chaos in the universe. Catastrophic floods, droughts and deadly pandemics like Covid-19 are a result of humans working on the uninitiated masculine energy.

During months of Covid-19 quarantine, it has made us introspect on where our planet is headed. Teachers of New Age Spirituality claim that the post-Covid era is going to be “the Age of the Divine Feminine.” Divine Feminine is about embodying creative, intuitive, nurturing and compassionate energies into one’s personality and lifestyle. It also entails slowing down, eating healthy, moving more and living in harmony with one’s body and spirit, and with nature.

It’s about practicing mindfulness throughout one’s day and giving as much merit to the moon’s creative energies as the sun’s life-sustaining forces.

Embracing the Divine Feminine is also about trying to be in a state of flow and appreciation, which leads to the development and preservation of oneself, the environment and all life-forms.

The Divine Feminine isn’t bound by gender. While Lord Shiva’s Tandava (uninitiated masculine energy) leads to destruction, Goddess Parvati’s lasya (dance of the Divine Feminine) restores harmony in the cosmos. Perhaps the Divine Masculine is represented by Lord Vishnu, the preserver?

Published 14 December 2022, 17:10 IST

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