‘Organic farming healthier, profitable’

‘Organic farming healthier, profitable’

Organic farming should be promoted on a large scale in our country, said Ramakrishna Sharma Bantakal, president of the Udupi district Krishika Sangha.

"The advantages of organic farming are multiple when compared to any other types of farming," he added.

He was speaking at the district-level farmers’ convention organised by the Udupi district Krishika Sangha at Sharada Mantapa in Kunjibettu on Sunday.

Bantakal said that most of the farmers opted for the conventional method of farming which proved to be a burden on their pockets. They relied on chemical fertilisers which add nutrients to the soil. The use of chemical-based fertilisers often led to environmental hazards and involved contamination of the groundwater.  

If farmers opt for organic farming, they would be incurring only 20 per cent of the total expenditure incurred in the conventional methods of farming. The profit earned in organic farming was multifold when compared to the profit earned in the use of chemical-based fertilisers.

‘Considerable profit’

Bantakal further explained that since the year 2000, he had began practicing organic farming and the profit he earned had increased considerably. Prior to this, in spite of spending several hours into farming, he could not achieve the expected results. Despite borrowing lakhs of rupees on the purchase of chemical fertilisers, all efforts made by him failed to yield a positive outcome.

It is sensible to follow scientific methodologies of farming along with appropriate use of organic fertilisers for better results. Organic farming was also healthier, holistic, cost-effective, and also a profitable venture, he added.

An exhibition held as part of the convention drew a large number of people. At least 40 stalls displaying a variety of agricultural equipment and latest farm machines were on the display. A number of vegetables, including okra, grown in the nurseries, were put up at the exhibition. Farmers visited the stalls and inquired about the various farm equipment, seeds and saplings.